Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Quick Trip to Texas

We recently took a family road trip down to San Antonio, TX.  Erik goes to an annual football convention and this year it was in good ‘ol San Antonio.  It just so happens that I lived in San Antonio for a few years and the company I work for is based there.  I think Erik knew that once he told me that conference was going to be in San Antonio the boys and I would be joining him. 

We decided to drive through the night so the boys would sleep most of the way there.  I crossed my fingers and said a lot of prayers and it all paid off – they slept the majority of the way there.  We left a 5:45pm on Friday and pulled into my friend’s driveway at 7:10am on Saturday morning.  We stopped for a quick dinner about an hour and a half into the trip.  After that we just made gas and bathroom break stops the rest of the way. 

Once we arrived we were greeted with a great breakfast cooked by one of my most dear friends, Amy.  We sat and chatted with Amy and her family for a bit and then Erik took a little nap.  The rest of the trip was a bit of a whirlwind.  We met friends at the zoo, for dinner, for lunch and I took the boys to visit the office. 

We left Tuesday morning at 6:45am and arrived back home a little bit after 10pm.  I have to say we have some amazing little road trippers.  I wonder if that is in their blood since Erik and I love to travel!  I sure hope so, just shy of their second birthday they have now been in 8 states.  I know it may be a bit weird but this is something I plan on keeping track of. 

I was so worried about trip back, since we were driving through the day.  My friend Amy – having two children of her own and making long trips with them while they were young – knew that what we needed was a DVD player for the car.  She is a “day after Thanksgiving” shopper and had a DVD player for the car with two screens, one for the back of each head rest.  She would not let us give her any money for it and I think now I will be in her debt forever!!  She also gave them the movie Spirit which Max asked us to play several times while we were on the road.   Both were priceless.  I’m really not sure how anyone travelled prior to car DVD players.  When I was a kid we only took one long road trip and after that we were flying the clear blue skies everywhere. 

Some of my most favorite people in this world reside in San Antonio.  They are family.  They took me in and made me part of theirs when my family was many miles away. 

It was a great trip.  I was sad to leave and have to say that if our path ever takes us down that way, I would not be disappointed.  Not one bit. 

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